Must do things in Penang, Malaysia

As one of the most popular touristic destinations, so-called pearl of Orient, Penang is situated on the northwest coast of Malaysia and might be reached via bus, plane, train, car or ship. Penang is one of the dozens of Malaysia peninsulas, but it has a rich history, diverse cultural sphere, plenty of sights, monuments, and events to explore and finally, impressive nature everywhere you turn around. Here’s a review of some of the must-do things if you catch a day or two to wander around Penang.

Wander down the Batu Ferringhi

Batu Feringhi is the area of Penang where kilometers of astonishing white-sand beaches are located. Breath taking sight is merely good enough reason to visit this place. Walking down the beach in silence and feeling the waves is memorable experience here. If you are into water sports, you’ll find various activities to engage in, such as jet skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing. The water is crystal clear and pleasant for swimming, or you may just make a picnic somewhere at bay, far away from the crowd. Batu Feringi hosts vivid nightlife within many pubs and bars if you prefer this sort of fun.

View from the above the clouds

Bukit Bendera is the hill above Penang rising to 830 meters above the surface of the sea. Aside from being a unique attraction to nature lovers, who can explore and enjoy beautiful flora and fauna here, Penang Hill will provide you memorable sight at the whole city from the above the clouds. Panoramic view of the Penang capital, George Town, isn’t comparable to gazing above clouds while being on the plane and there are, also, plenty other valuable things to explore here. One of the famous monuments you should visit is Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan Temple.

Coffee from a bag and delicious cuisine of Penang

One of the commonly seen customs here is drinking coffee from a plastic bag. Some local shops sell these products with various flavors and amounts of coffee inside the bag, and the mechanism is perfect for tourists because you can hang it and keep drinking even with both hands busy. However, Penang is far more famous for its delicious cuisine. Whether you opt for some of many elegant restaurants or decide to eat right there at the street, their local specialties will impress you, including everything from the look, deep-sea fried fish to sweets or ice creams in many ways. While being on the streets, don’t miss the chance to observe closely their intriguing street art around you.