Explore the beauties of Pakistan with our suggestions

Every country worldwide has its rich history, architecture and natural sights, but Pakistan is one of those few regions where impressive historical events brought extremely diverse cultures and customs into one area. Here you will find striking examples of powerful architecture, numerous religious objects, monuments, marks and leftovers from various phases in their past and finally astonishing nature across the state. Here are just some of the most attractive aspects of Pakistan you should visit. Following the suggestions of Camat, the association for mountain tourism, you’ll discover some of the most impressive sides and aspects of this beautiful and mystic country.

Magnificence of Shalimar Gardens

gardenShalimar Gardens are three impressive terraces placed one above the other, covering a huge area and hosting hundreds of sorts of plants and animals. Three terraces are symbolically named after pleasure, goodness, and life, and their beauty is famous worldwide. However impressive flora and fauna are here, there is another striking sight in the middle of this natural monument. Large pools watered via four hundred of fountains and centered on creating astonishing pavilions here. If you find yourself in Pakistan, this is an absolute must-see.

Tomb of the Father of the Nation

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is remembered as the leading figure in Pakistan’s history regarding its fight for independence from British Empire. After his death, the impressive mausoleum was founded in Karachi and today is one of the world’s most attractive touristic sights. Jinnah’s mausoleum is surrounded by dozens of fountains, impresses with its powerful, but simple architecture and is available for tourists anytime.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Another name for this famous monument is the walled city of Lahore, and it represents the leftovers of historical sections once defended by series of walls and 13 gates. The mosque is over 30 meters high, with four minarets and five domes and it impresses by its powerful and mystic appearance. Its impressive architecture is enriched by a myriad of pieces of brightly colored mosaics placed over its walls. These mosaics and all their intriguing details make this mosque a unique piece of art, aside from its religious aspects. Also, its 22-shop bazaar still makes this mosque one of a kind worldwide.

Fort in the middle of desert

Derawar Fort is four centuries old military structure settled in the middle of Cholistan desert, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It ensemblesforty massive bastions encapsulated by high walls, rising 30 meters above the ground.  The whole fortress complex expands across 1.5 kilometers and provides astonishing sight to the desert everywhere around. The only striking object nearby is the Moti Mosque, actually quite a real replica of the original one, but the still impressive touristic attraction for many visitors. You will need the permission of the local authorities to visit inside of the fortress and a vehicle for this trip with at least several hours to explore it in details. However, the combing feeling of freedom and power at the same place makes it truly worth it.