Plan Your Trip To The Best Malaysian Peninsulas

Many people refer to Peninsular Malaysia simply as West Malaysia. It’s the portion of the country on the Malay Peninsula and the many islands which surround it. It’s quite large, with an area of over 50,000 square miles. In fact, it takes up almost 40 percent of the area of the entire country, which makes it just a little bit smaller than England. It’s bordered on the north by Thailand, and to the south is Singapore. If you’re planning a trip to the Malaysian Peninsula, you will want to select your destinations carefully because there is a lot to do.

What To Know About The Best Malaysian Peninsulas?

Just about 25 million people occupy the peninsula and the surrounding islands. This accounts for just about 80 percent of Malaysia’s population. It also accounts for a similar percentage of the country’s economy. The population is also quite diverse, with native Malaysians, ethnic Chinese people, and many others.

These are some good suggestions of highlights to check out:

The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur: These towers are known as the tallest pair of towers on the planet. The style is considered postmodern, but they also display some motifs that are typically found in traditional Islamic art. One great attraction is the sky walk that joins the two towers. Visitors can walk across this bridge and enjoy a view of the city.

Langkawi Island: Even though this area is often refereed to as Langkawi Island, this name may refer to a group of several islands. However, only two of these islands are inhabited, and Langkawi Island is the biggest one. This is a great place to go if you’d like to enjoy the sea, boating, and hiking. It’s a popular destination for honeymooners too. One good tip is that this island maintains duty-free status, so it’s a great place to shop.

Malacca: Sometimes also spelled Malaka or called “The Historic State,” Malacca is right by the Malacca Straight. Visitors come to his area to satisfy their interest in a variety of architecture. This is also a good city for visitors who enjoy art galleries, museums, and historical sites.

The Orangutan Rehabilitation Center: In Sabah, East Malaysia, you can travel just a bit outside of town to visit the first orangutan rehab center in the world. This center first started operations in the 1960s to help rescue young, orphaned orangutans. These young animals had been left alone because of poaching or because they were abandoned after being kept as pets. The aim of the center is to help the animals learn to socialize with others of their kind and finally get reintroduced back to the wild. Typically, the center schedules tours during scheduled meals, so it’s likely to find many animals on the platforms where they can be viewed.

Why Plan Ahead For Your Malaysian Peninsula Visit?

These highlights just scratched the surface of the exciting things to do when you visit Peninsular Malaysia. You can get your fill of historical sites, big cities, and all sorts of natural venues. That’s why it’s good to plan your itinerary in advance.