Grassroots Journeys supports community-based tourism projects that are run by community members and affiliated partner not-for-profit organizations and travel agencies, by helping them promote their programs.

Communities from across the globe are given a profile where they can share the experiences that they offer to travelers and volunteers, thereby attracting visitors to enable them to both diversify their income streams and learn from cross-cultural interactions.


Grassroots Journeys has been created to assist socially-minded and adventurous travelers to find new and exciting destinations and initiatives, where they can have genuine experiences of local cultures and directly contribute to the economic well-being of communities, strengthening both cultural and environmental conservation.


By converting our specific blog dedicated to community – based tourism projects and their target groups of travelers into specific travel business magazine, we have expanded our field of interest, gathered a more diverse group of regular readers and enriched the content we provide. Now, we are a specific online place that provides all sorts of useful information, reviews, suggestions, advertisements, travelogues and touristic guides to everyone out there striving to explore different cultures, countries and support their economy through tourism.