Striving to combine economically useful and lucrative with adventurous and noble experiences, we’ve created this web – magazine dedicated to business travelers. Here you’ll find a wide range of instructions, news, articles, and announcements about various local cultures and communities where you can travel, explore, invest and directly contribute to their local economy development.


Our magazine is the place where both sides of business tourism meet. We provide a free place for advertising and presentation to all communities striving to promote their culture and benefits offered to tourist. On the other side, we assist business tourists in many ways to enhance and enrich their journey.

Useful and informative content

The main focus of our activity is to fulfill this magazine with interesting, useful and rather informative content. We address various topics related to traveling, tips and advice and suggestions of touristic destinations. We provide you with attractive and intriguing previews of distant regions and various cultures and leave it to you to visit them in person.

Connection to business travel events and tourism projects

Our team members gather reports and announcements about various touristic and business events worldwide and present it to you in the forms of short articles in our magazines. We provide all the important information to anyone using our touristic guide to expand their business through memorable experiences.

Presenting community – based touristic projects

Myriad of communities use free given space in our magazine to present and promote their touristic projects, with all the benefits they provide and offer to travelers, volunteers, and potential investors.


Our major goal is to promote community – based tourism and to connect business travelers from all over the globe with a wide range of cultures and communities. This is the way to combine the development of local economy, promotion of various communities and to provide memorable traveling experiences to many tourists out there.


Our team includes experienced and professional enthusiasts passionately in love with traveling, adventures, exploring new cultures, writing travelogues and reports. We employ touristic guides, writers, photographers, economists, touristic managers, geographers and many other associated members dedicated to the same field of interest. Organized and synchronized by our chief editor, we created magazine editions that are read worldwide.


Suzanne Martinez

Suzanne Martinez is the Managing editor in our team, but she is far more known for her wide collection of rewards for writing travelogues. She has decades of career in journalism, as a writer and a reporter as well and she’s using all her talents and skills to improve the quality of our magazine.


Lucy Donovan

Assistant editor, Lucy Donovan, manages tons of editor’s work on a daily basis and somehow injects the passion for traveling and enthusiasm for discovering and exploring everything we do.


Mario Wood

Marketing director, Mario Wood, is in charge for gathering all the information about communities and projects we present, advertisements and suggestions of various touristic attractions and finally in charge of presenting our magazine in public and among readers.


Interested in traveling to less common destinations? Want to explore new communities, cultures, customs, to get familiar with local living styles and above all to invest in their economy and industry with mutual benefits? This blog will help you find all the information you might need.


  • I’ve always been fascinated by Africa and its distant diverse culture and customs, but it took me decades to set off on a journey across African states. Following some tips and advice from this magazine, I had a memorable experience, met impressive people over there and finally established a certain connection with some of their locals to enable some of my business investments into their local industry.

    Mark Donowan

  • My family owns a chain of restaurants, and we are all passionate travelers. Last year, we accepted touristic destination suggested in this magazine, stayed in motels they advertised and visited places this guide pointed out. A year later, we opened our restaurant over there, are currently developing business over there and staying in touch with some new local friends

    Vanessa Price

  • To be honest, I’ve never thought of traveling to Africa until I’ve read some articles in this magazine. These guys managed to bring it closer to me, to provide detailed instructions that made my journey rather comfortable and pleasant and the journey resulted in one whole new filed in my life, including spreading my business onto local communities over there.

    Patrick Schurle